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Internet 100


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AT&T Fiber

A price you'll love and the reliability you deserve

  • Wi-Fi Gateway Included
  • 100% Fiber Network
  • Up to 100 Mbps Speed††
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Super-Fast Internet

Connect to all the things you love - Faster

100% Fiber Network

A 100% fiber network enables the fast Internet speeds that AT&T delivers.

Blazing-fast Speeds

Ultra-fast speeds starting with 1000 Mbps†† connection available.
Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area. Call to see if you qualify.


Connect wirelessly to our strongest Wi-Fi signal in your home.

Change How You Use The Internet

Enjoy internet connectivity the way it should be experienced with AT&T Fiber

Surf, stream, and download without caring, with ultra-fast speeds starting with a 1000 Mbps†† connection. Great for multiple users, streaming, gaming and sharing large files. Get a Wi-Fi Gateway at no extra cost.

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Internet 100††: Improve Your Internet Experience

This fiber Internet plan is well-suited for HD video streaming, file sharing, and online multi-player gaming. With this plan you get up to 100 Mbps†† speeds for all your internet activities. Also included is an advanced Wi-Fi gateway. Your Internet 100 plan will also include equipment, in-home Wi-Fi service, and Wi-Fi service activation.

†† Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area. Call to see if you qualify.

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Internet 1000††: The Ultimate Fiber Internet Plan

The Internet 1000†† plan is ideal for the connected home. Multiple users can simultaneously connect and carry out the internet activities they love. The plan features blazing fast internet starting with a 1000 Mbps†† connection. Included in the price of this plan are an advanced Wi-Fi gateway, professional installation, and service activation.

†† Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area. Call to see if you qualify.

What is AT&T Fiber ?

The Latest Wi-Fi® Technology

AT&T Fiber offers technology that powers our fastest internet service with ultra-fast upload and download speeds and enough bandwidth to support all your devices. Internet-powered by AT&T Fiber offers technology that increases network speed and capabilities so you can do everything you need on the internet faster! Fiber technology uses light waves instead of electrical signals to transmit data, and distance from the network is no longer a limiting factor. Because of this, customers on the network have higher speeds available to them, regardless of their distance from a network node.

What Can You Do With Fiber Internet?

Online Activities Only Much Faster

With internet powered by AT&T Fiber starting with 1000 Mbps†† connection, you can stream on 12 devices at the same time with reliably fast speeds or you can stream in HD on 10+ devices, depending on screen size and resolution. You can also stream in 4k Ultra-HD on 3 devices based on their respective resolutions and screen sizes. You can upload a 4-minute HD video in less than a second*. It also takes less than 1 second* to upload 10 images. Downloading a 1GB file takes less than 1 minute*. A 90-minute HD movie can be downloaded in less than 7 seconds*

Reasons to Choose AT&T Fiber

If you’re still on the fence about why you should choose internet powered by AT&T Fiber, here are just a few reasons to switch:

  • Advanced Wi-Fi Gateway included with your plan
  • AT&T Internet is #1 in customer satisfaction compared to other major cable Internet providers.
    Claim based on 2018 ACSI survey of customers rating their own internet provider’s performance.
  • Smart Home Manager included helping you manage your devices
  • Over 99% service reliability
    Claim based on internet service delivered utilizing fiber optic technology and a wired connection to gateway.